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We are a community of Golfers, brought together by nothing other than the love of the game. Serious Competition isn't really our thing. We prefer playing for fun, meeting new and old faces, and doing golf our way. So if you are new to golf, or are a pro looking for somewhere to unwind, then we are here for you.  Everyone is welcome. 

Golf Clubs

We need your clubs! Can you help the 'My First Set' program?

What Makes Us Nomad


Cost is central to everything we do. We want to make golf as affordable as possible as it shouldn't cost the earth to play a sport. Our ;my first set' scheme does just that. Learn more about how we plan to give away free golf clubs here. 

Community Driven

Every decision we make is based on our community. We are completely not for profit and focus entirely on giving back.

Lighthearted Fun

Fun is essential and therefore we don't take ourselves too seriously. This isn't professional golf, this is community golf.  Just enjoy Golf!


Interested in taking up golf?

Our 'First Club' Scheme will support you in getting into Golf.  'First Club' will provide you with your first set of golf clubs, completely cost free. Try golf without the hassle of paying to start. If you love the game as much as we do, and you buy your own set, then return your old clubs and we will pass them on to another new starter! Everyones a beginner once!


"The most important shot in golf is the next one." 
Ben Hogan. 


"The most important shot in golf, is the first one." 
Nomad Golf Collective

Don't just take our word for it

'What an absolutely top way to start the bank holiday, surrounded by friends, making new ones and playing some half decent golf at the same time. What an awesome group I had too - all rays of sunshine!

Danie Ferry

'The company, atmoshphere, vibes, meeting new faces, catching up with friends is really what makes it for me. Another incredible event put on by Nomad and this time in my home town!'

Rachel Hill

'I encourage anyone that feels they have fell out of love with the game or humanity, to sign up to Nomad and become part of the collective force and family changing the perception of what golf is as a sport and as a therapy!'

Ash Harris

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Our golf days are fun, affordable and guaranteed to make you smile. 

Ask Us Anything

We are here to support you get into golf, to meet other golfers and just relight the fire in you for playing this game.

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