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Community Partners

At Nomad, we believe in the power of collaboration and working with partners who share our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility. Each of the groups below tackles all of these issues and we want to continue singing their song loud and clear for all to hear. 


UK Womens Golf Community

With over 3000 members now signed up, UK WGC really changed the way women began playing the game of golf. Adopting a 'Park Run' style model, UK WGC ran driving range nights only for ladies. This quickly became a hit and expanded nationwide and continues to grow today. With an emphasis on fun and community, we love everything about the UK Womens Community.


Black British Golfers

Like UK WGC, BBG is a community that is focused on making a long and lasting impact in Golf. BBG is to challenging the stereotypes and beleifs that have tainted Golf for so long in order to turn the game into something that is representative and relatable for all communities. If you haven't had the chance to speak to their founder, then find the time. There is nobody more inspirational and passionate out there right now. 


Muslim Golf Association

Another incredibly important cause that despite being UK focused, has far greater and wider plans that just our shores. The work this community has done has been recognised by ENGLAND GOLF and we would argue, that this is still not enough coverage. With hundreds/thousands of golfers introduced to the game through their schemes and coaching days, MGA are taking golf to areas that its never been before. We are truly honoured to have spent time with the MGA team, and cannot wait to partner with them in the future further.



Whilst we are yet to work closely with the EDGA, we wanted to publically recognise the work that this group is doing for disability golf. We have been fortunate enough to attend one of their events, aswell as played with some of its members, and we can honestly say its the most humbling, inspirational and positive news story in golf right now. We cannot wait to get more involved with the EDGA in the future. 

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