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My First Set

Golf is not the easiest sport to get into and we want to help you to do just that. We want to provide you with your first set of golf clubs, completely free. Our scheme focsuses on sharing, recycling and reusing. We collect golf clubs from all over the UK, build sets for you and once you are hooked on the game and want to advance, you simply return your clubs to us and we will distribute them to the next new starter all over again. 

Affordability is at the heart of all Nomad decisions as we want you to enjoy this beautiful game without breaking the bank. Learn more about how this scheme works below.

Your interested in playing golf

It all starts with curiosity. Your freinds are doing it, your family are doing it and you've seen it on the TV. So why not give it a go?

You discover Nomad's free scheme

You find that Nomad will give you a set of clubs to get you started in the game olf golf so you enquire about your 'First set'.

You become obsessed

You find that golf is no longer something to do, its now your hobby and a part of your life. Its time to buy a new set of clubs and start your own journey. Nomad provide you with discount to Golf Star who will support you in your first purchase!

You don't know where to start

You want to play but aren't sure where to start. You need equipment and people to play with.

You use these clubs to get hooked!

Your first set means you can go and spend some time enjoying and practicing the game without commiting fully.

You return your free set.

You return your free set of clubs to Nomad and attend your first Nomad event, meeting other newbies and making freinds in the process.


Nomad start the cycle all over again with someone else.

Meet Elliott

Our First Recipient from 'My First Set'. Elliott is our test pilot and has recently restarted his golfing journey with us. With a full bag of clubs, Elliott has already started putting in the work at the local driving range, and hopes to get onto a full 18 holes soon! 

You too could get yourself started in Golf with our support. Just drop us a message and lets see how we can help.

We are currently in the 'club collection' phase... 

So can you donate any equipment?

Golf Clubs

Are you ready to start golfing?

Enquire now about your first set of clubs. It would be our pleasure to help you get into this game!

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